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Hyalin releases a professional ozone generator to purify places against the Covid-19.

In the last couple of years, we had to radically change our routine to adapt to preventive actions against Covid-19 virus, and its variants. Some old customs were changed forever and new ones were created to avoid the contact between the virus and the spread of the disease.

Over the next few years, even with the advance of vaccinations , we will have to continue adapting to this new reality and seek solutions that allow us to live together safely in society. We are already getting used to some situations and prevention actions are already in the routine of Brazilians, especially simple and individual actions for prevention, such as the use of masks and hand sanitizer.

But in addition to individual action for prevention, there are actions of collective benefit that become essential for us to maintain a safer routine, one of which is the purification of environments by ozone or oxy-sanitization, Ozone generating equipment is being used in several public and private spaces for collective use with the objective of purifying the environment to make them safer.

Thinking about practical and effective solutions, Hyalin developed the ECO3-180, a professional ozone generator capable of purifying environments up to 150m2. The equipment is already available for sale throughout Brazil and its application is simple and safe, just place the ozone generator in the center of the environment and turn it on.

The purifying power of Ozone

According to Anvisa, in the form of gas, ozone is capable of inactivating different DNA and RNA viruses, with or without membranes, on different surfaces. Due to its air purification capacity, these equipment are already being widely used in several places of collective use.

Ozone is a colorless gas with a characteristic odor that promotes oxidation of chemical compounds, depriving the bad smell and eliminating microorganisms present in the air, such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa and small insects. It is important to point out that, because it is a strong oxidizing agent, it must be applied in an environment without the presence of animals or people of any age. It is also important to open doors and windows in the area to dissipate ozone gas after using the equipment.

How it works?

Place the equipment near the air conditioning or in a central point in your room, close doors and windows, open cabinet and drawer doors, plug into a 127 VAC or 220 VAC outlet (check the voltage), press the button on panel and evacuate the room. At the end of the process, the equipment will emit an audible alert. After that time, open the doors and windows of the place and wait for five minutes before allowing free access for people and animals to the environment.

About Hyalin

Hyalin is a Brazilian machinery industry that idealizes, designs and manufactures cutting edge professional equipment, such as ultraviolet ray systems for sterilization and ozone generators, in addition to special and customized developments. To meet market demands and trends with safe solutions for the environment and human health, and deliver the best and most complete solutions to our customers, we have internally developed a multidisciplinary technical team specialized in electric, electronic, mechanics, chemistry, biology and hydraulics. Learn more at .


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