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We manufacture sterilizers with low pressure monochromatic fluorescent lamps in the powers of 18W, 36W, 55W, 75W and 95W (other powers under request). All are equipped with quartz sleeves of high transmittance, high purity and low coefficient of expansion. 

The sterilizers have an ECOlight power supply without harmonics that prolong the life of the ultraviolet lamp (UV-C); microprocessor electronic control; human machine interface 16X2 LCD display; hours totalizer; lamp health indicator; temperature and voltage monitoring; digital output for PLC (optional); and audible alarms in case of failure or overheating.

The equipment does not have a display and/or window for viewing the light on. Ultraviolet lamps emit various wavelengths that can be harmful to the skin and retina. Therefore, we do not recommend viewing windows and/or windows that could allow people to be exposed to harmful radiation.

To check the operation of the lamp, never look directly at it, always check the status on the indicator display on the power supply. The HMI must inform if the lamp is not emitting ultraviolet correctly or is burned out. If in doubt, contact our technical support.

The sterilization chamber is made of stainless steel (standard AISI 304 or AISI 316L). The manufacturing involves several millimeter precision processes, such as laser cutting, computerized CNC machining (Computer Numerical Control) and welding using the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) process, a process used in the aerospace, nuclear and food industries, due to the clean and high quality. This process avoids contamination of the welds that can cause premature corrosion causing leaks or structure ruptures.

After performing non-destructive tests (END), the chamber goes through the electrolytic or electropolishing process. An electrochemical and anodic process removes a small amount of metal (30-40um), resulting in a flattening and smoothing of the micro profile while the macro shape is not altered. In this way, the interior and exterior of the camera are given a glossy reflective finish that increases the efficiency of the equipment (compared to equipment that is not polished). In addition, iron and nickel atoms are extracted




  • Manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel with internal and external electrolytic polishing, which increases the reflectivity of the sterilization chamber and dosage of UV-C radiation (intensity x contact time ratio).

  • Glove in quartz with high transmittance, high purity and low coefficient of expansion.​ 

  • Compact low pressure monochromatic ultraviolet lamp for easy installation.

  • Harmonic-free ECOlight power supply prolonging ultraviolet lamp life (UV-C), with 16x2 LCD display

  • Hour totalizer, lamp health indicator and temperature and voltage monitoring.

  • Options: digital output for PLC, stainless steel AISI 316L.

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